BioArt Quick & (not) Dirty

BioArt Quick & (not) Dirty


The BioArt course was designed as an intro­duc­tion to liv­ing sys­tems and their rela­tions to habi­tat. We expe­ri­enced in using lab tools such as micro­scopes, cen­trifuges and incu­ba­tors. We prac­ticed in tak­ing care of bac­te­ria, pro­tists and fun­gi. Along the exper­i­ments we dis­cussed ques­tions such as How organ­isms share their time and space with oth­er organ­isms? What are the bor­ders between liv­ing and non-liv­ing? How to under­stand a trans­genic organ­ism?”

Teil­nehmende: Robert Met­zn­er, Dim­itri Engel­hardt, Nele Seifert, Freya Prob­st, Fer­nan­da Caice­do, Maike Alisha Effen­berg

Medienkunst/Mediengestaltung Pro­fes­sur Gestal­tung medi­aler Umge­bun­gen

Die Ausstel­lung wird nur am Fre­itag, 3. Feb­ru­ar 2017 stat­tfind­en!


Marien­straße 7b, Raum 202